8 genius camping hacks you need to know

Illustration of camping scene

Try these easy and affordable camping tips and hacks to make your trip a breeze.

1. Sleep on a swimming pool lilo

A basic inflatable pool lilo can double as a blow-up mattress and it's cheap as chips, too. Bring some handy duct tape and you’re ready to seal any tiny holes that may appear.

2. Shower with an umbrella

Poke a few holes in an old umbrella, hang it upside down from a low-hanging branch and get a fellow camper to pour warm water in for an alfresco shower.

For privacy, hang a plastic shower curtain from the tips of the umbrella.

3. Make a bright lantern with a milk bottle

Try this quick and easy DIY camping light using an empty milk bottle and a head lamp.

4. DIY washing machine

Make a hole in a lidded bucket and stick a clean, never-used toilet plunger through the top.

Add water and detergent then plunge away – the human-powered plunging action mimics the cycle.

Dry your clothes pegged on a piece of rope tied between two trees.

5. Natural mosquito repellent

Throw a bundle of dried herbs such as sage, rosemary and lavender on your campfire. The scented smoke will naturally deter those pesky bugs.

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6. How to avoid ticks

Make a natural tick repellent: mix one part tea tree oil with two parts water and spray it on your shoes, socks and trouser bottoms.

7. How to make a BBQ pit

  • Dig a hole away from trees and foliage, line it with tin foil then arrange some charcoal inside it.
  • Light it, and then when the flames have died down and the coals are glowing, carefully place an oven grill rack over the top.
  • When you leave, remember to be a good camper – throw away the foil and coals and fill the hole with dirt.
Instructions on how to make a bbq pit

8. DIY firelighters

Dip cotton wool pads in melted wax – easy to make, and less crumbly and smelly than the shop-bought kind. And if you’re short on dry twigs, tortilla chips make excellent kindling.

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