Clever recycling hacks for a garden makeover

Kitchen colanders with flowers inside | Clever recycling hacks for a garden makeover | Tesco Living

Give your garden an amazing makeover – without spending any cash

Hanging basket colanders

Have a colander you no longer use? Spray paint it, attach some sturdy chains and it’s instantly transformed into a quirky hanging basket.

Bathroom pots and planters

Old sinks and toilets (yes, toilets!) can be made to look amazingly pretty when they’re filled with soil and planted with flowers. Baths can also be transformed into mini vegetable and herb gardens.

Bath covered in mosaics filled with plants | Recycling garden makeover hacks | Tesco Living

Picture frames as plant pots

Photo frames (below left) make great vertical garden dividers, allowing plants like clematis or honeysuckle to climb and grow easily.

Birdcage planter

Birdcages (below right) – either repainted or left worn and shabby – can be picked up cheaply to make a cool and unusual planter. And because they’re metal they can withstand the elements.

Frames used as planters A birdcage displaying flowers | Recycling garden makeover hacks | Tesco Living

Drawer shelves

Paint old, small furniture drawers in pretty colours and attach to walls to create a perfect place to display small pots of plants, flowers or herbs. For another space-saving trick, watch DIY pot stacker video.

Upcycle plates

Preloved plates can be picked up for next to nothing at car boot and jumble sales. A selection of pretty ones can be easily attached to the side of a shed or a wall for a pretty visual display.


Second hand mirrors aren’t just for inside the house. When they’re hung in a garden they give the illusion of space and will reflect all that lovely greenery.

Mirror surrounded by plants | How to make a small garden look bigger | Tesco Living

DIY teacup bird feeder

Superglue a disused cup and saucer together and you’ve got a bird feeder. It can either be mounted on an old chair leg and dug into the ground, or hung from a tree using some strong cord. Why not try upcycling a juice carton into a bird feeder?

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