Easy BBQ hacks you need to know

prawns and ribs on a outdoor grill

Before you fire up the charcoal, save time and money with these handy hacks to make your BBQ a total breeze

How to clean a BBQ quickly

Scrunch up a sheet of tin foil into a ball and then use it to scrape away any grit. Once clean, rub the grills with half an onion – it’ll add extra flavour to the meat.

How to speed up the cooking

Have two BBQs running at once so you don’t risk wasting time relighting the coals. Even better, you can cook more food more quickly, and have time to actually enjoy it.

Watch this video to find out how to light a BBQ three different ways.

A shortcut to prepare meat

Bring red meat to room temperature before cooking for it to heat through more quickly. Avoid under-cooked chicken by cooking it halfway in the oven first and then finish it on the BBQ grill.

Watch this video to see how to keep burgers juicy when cooked on the BBQ.

Cook veggies the easy way

Forget fiddly skewers. Fold a large piece of tin foil in half and crimp the sides to make a bowl. Fill with chopped veg, poke a few holes in the base for extra smoky flavour and cook on the grill.

Fuss-free fish

Fish on the BBQ can often fall apart and leave the grill in a sticky mess. Cook fillets on a bed of sliced lemons or limes: the citrus oil boosts flavour and protects the grill, saving on cleaning time.

DIY dessert

There’s almost no washing up with this trick, leaving you to enjoy hosting. Just fill a tray with tubs of ice cream and cookies so guests can make their own ice-cream sandwiches.

Or to make the most of the BBQ grill, try these banoffee bananas.

Be prepared for rain

Be downpour-ready by angling a sunshade over your BBQ just in case it rains. Even better is a pop-up gazebo. For more advice on rain-dodging, see how to waterproof your garden guide.

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