Easy DIY outdoor living room ideas

Outdoor cinema set up in garden | DIY outdoor living room ideas | Tesco Living

Transform your garden into a living space with these quick, budget-friendly ideas

Create an outdoor cinema

Peg a double white sheet to your washing line and position some comfy outdoor seating opposite. Aim your projector at the sheet, start the film and then cosy up with cushions, blankets and movie snacks.

Makeshift picnic space

Create a seating area for impromptu picnics and BBQs. Spray some super-cheap straw beach mats with brightly-coloured exterior paint and leave to dry.

Once dry, lay them out in the corner of your garden and surround with large outdoor scatter cushions or seat cushions. For more handy hints on making the most of your outdoor space, see our BBQ hacks.

Natural bug repellent

Pop a DIY homemade citronella candle on your table to ward off pesky bugs, then bring on the picnic food.

Herbs, citrus and candle in a jar | How to make citronella lanterns | Tesco Living

Chic teepee room

Use the technique shown in this video to learn how to create the ultimate garden den.

Magical outdoor lights

Punch holes into empty food cans and place some flickering electric tea lights inside. Dot them around the garden seating area or hang them from a fence or tree for some instant magical garden lighting.

Tip: To prevent the can from buckling, fill the can with water and freeze before you make the holes.

Illuminated tin can lanterns with holes | Outdoor lighting ideas | Tesco Living

DIY patio heater

Make this easy DIY outdoor heater using plant pots and candles to keep warm when your garden parties go on until late.

Quick garden storage

Take a large wicker laundry basket and create a table top with a round tray or a piece of hardboard. Voilà: an easy storage container for toys, blankets and cushions that also doubles as a table.

DIY sun lounger

Sand and paint two old wooden palettes, then pop a double camping mattress (or two pool lilos) on top. Add a throw and cushions for a relaxing day bed.

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