8 easy ways to create a DIY vertical garden

ideas for a vertical garden

If you can’t spread out, spread upwards, using these impressive ideas for small gardens and outdoor spaces.

Make a trellis from chicken wire

Attach a piece of chicken wire to a fence or wall for a money-saving trellis. Plant climbing flowers and fruit for a wall of colour and edible treats.

Grow herbs in a shoe organiser

Watch our video to see how you can grow your own aromatic herbs in a shoe organiser.

Make a hanging basket tree

Attach hanging baskets at different levels to create a vertical hanging garden. Brightly painted colanders make fun, colourful alternatives to baskets.

Colourful colanders being used as hanging baskets | Recycling hacks for garden makeover | Tesco Living Ladder vertical garden

Tiered ladder garden

Prop a ladder up against a wall and place plant pots on each step for an instant shabby chic look.

Create a rustic wooden planter

Lean an old wooden pallet up against a wall to make an eye-catching planter. Fill the space between the back and front of the pallet with soil then pop in your favourite trailing plants or herbs.

Grow salad in old guttering

Cut pieces of old rain gutter to length, drill holes along the bottom about 10cms apart to allow drainage then attach to a wall or fence. Lettuce plants will look great up there – and be out of the reach of pesky slugs.

Vertical garden using guttering

Create a pretty planter from a chest of drawers

Stagger the drawers so the bottom one is pulled out the furthest before filling with soil and plants. Or upcycle an old broken drawer by filling with plants and placing on top of a wooden chair to make a statement feature.

Show off plants with decorative frames

Turn your plants into works of art. Arrange a mixture of leafy green potted plants on small shelves and surround them with brightly-coloured picture frames, pulling the leaves through the middle of the frame so the plants look like they’re bursting out. Great for indoors or outdoors.

vertical garden drawers Vertical photo frame

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