Top tips to survive the rain at festivals

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Follow our festival survival guide for staying dry during a downpour

Camp on high ground

Pitch your tent on the highest ground possible to avoid rain flooding your tent. Also give pitches under trees a miss, windy weather could cause branches to fall on your tent.

Dig a moat for your tent

If you have no choice but to pitch on lower ground, create a ditch around the sides of your tent so the water gathers there instead. A small garden trowel is ideal for this.

Waterproof your groundsheet

Lay a tarpaulin under your tent to avoid groundwater from seeping in and flooding your sleeping space. Be sure to tuck the edges under – none of the tarp should be visible from the outside – otherwise it may become a collecting place for rainwater.

Create a porch for muddy boots

Set up an extra awning or gazebo outside for a place to keep mucky footwear and for peeling off wet layers.

Be smart with storage

Rain will usually gather at the edge of your tent, so keep bedding, clothes and other possessions in the middle to give it the best chance of staying dry.

Recycle plastic bags

An absolute festival essential. Use them as an extra waterproof layer in your backpack; strap over your shoes and seal with tape for some DIY wellies; and store muddy clothing when it comes to packing up at home time. Zip lock bags are great for keeping electronics dry, too.

Embrace bin liner fashion

Easy to scrunch up and keep in your pocket, simply rip a hole in the middle for a makeshift poncho. You can also use them as a waterproof cover for your backpack or a ground sheet for sitting around camp.

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