8 ways to celebrate the Queen's birthday

Cake decorated with fruit | Celebrate the Queens birthday on a budget | Tesco Living

Join in the Queen's birthday celebrations with these fun and thrifty party ideas fit for a royal.

1. Roll out the bunting

Print out our downloadable bunting and cut around the templates. Next, fold the bunting at the join and hang from a length of string. Staple, glue or tape the ends together and repeat until you have enough to celebrate in style.

2. Turn white wine into fizz

This one’s for the adults. If you own a drinks carbonator, use it to inject bubbles into white wine for instant sparkling deliciousness. Perfect for the royal celebrations.

3. DIY photo booth

If you have an old frame, paint it gold then remove the back and glass. Get everyone to pose for pics in it in their best regal pose. Add some other props – our downloadable crown and sceptre (see next tip) are ideal, or you can try these other downloadable photo booth props. One is definitely amused.

4. Play dress up

Entertaining kids? Make a sparkly crown and sceptre fit for any prince or princess. Simply print out our templates, stick to card and add sequins or glitter for added sparkle. To complete the crown, bend and attach the ends together with a stapler. To make a bigger crown for adults, attach two printouts together.

5. Bake a Union Jack cake

Whip up a showstopping Union Jack cake using fruit to create the flag. For mini sweet treats bake a batch of fairy cakes and top with red and blue icing.

6. Style your own throne

Transform a chair into a makeshift throne by cutting a giant crown shape out of coloured wrapping paper and wrapping it around the chair back. Staple the paper together to keep it in place, add some sequins or stick on jewels and prepare to look regal!

7. Set up a treasure hunt

Keep kids amused with a hunt using super-shiny coins. Soak some old pennies in a solution of white vinegar and salt. The acid will remove dirt and give the Queen a sparkling makeover. Now hide 10 around the house and send the kids on a treasure hunt.

8. Pin the crown on the monarch

Create a ‘pin the crown on the Queen’ game by printing out a picture of her Majesty and mounting it on a wall. Print our crown, then enjoy the mayhem as your blindfolded guests take it in turns to pin it in the right place.

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