How to make a school uniform last longer

school kids walking

Money-saving mending and cleaning tips to keep children’s schoolwear in top condition through term time.

Remove ink stains

Soak ink-stained white shirts in milk overnight to loosen the ink before washing – the shirt will be gleaming again in no time.

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Fix stretched jumper sleeves

Keep the elastic around jumper wrists tight by reinforcing with an extra layer of elastic on the inside of sleeves. It’ll also keep pushed-up sleeves in place during art class so you don’t have to deal with paint stains.

Avoid loose buttons

Dab a small amount of clear nail polish over shirt buttons to keep the threads from fraying and getting loose. You’ll never have to sew a button on again.

Paint remover

If paint has dried onto shirts or jumpers, scrape off the excess, then flush out the rest with warm water from behind the stain. Sponge with washing-up liquid mixed with water, rinse and repeat.

Remove glue stains from clothes

PVA glue is water-based, so soak clothing in cold water overnight, and then wash as normal. It’ll be good as new.

DIY shoe cleaner

Keep leather looking fresh by removing stains with a mixture of cold water and vinegar. Run out of polish? Buff with moisturiser or Vaseline to keep the leather supple.

Prevent ladders in tights

Give clean tights a light spray with hairspray before wearing to give some extra protection to delicate fibres.

Grass stains

Use white (not gel) toothpaste, and rub the stain gently with a soft toothbrush. Leave to sit overnight, then put it on a normal wash cycle.

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