Epic sandwich ideas to spice up lunchtimes

Bacon, egg and avocado sandwich

Stuck in a sarnie rut? Shake things up with these simple but spectacular sandwich ideas 

Turkey and avocado on rye

Just a few simple additions bring this turkey sandwich recipe into a league of its own. Pesto, sundried tomatoes and rocket add a flavoursome punch and rye bread has a pleasingly light but chewy texture.

turkey and avo sandwich

Smoky BBQ mushroom buns

These marinated mushrooms make a great vegetarian alternative to pulled pork. Stacked inside soft bread rolls and paired with a crunchy homemade slaw, they're a filling and delicious lunchtime alternative.

bbq mushroom buns

Spicy pork and lettuce cups

Strictly speaking, this pork recipe isn't a sandwich but its combination of spicy meat, nuts and veggies will liven up any lunch. Using lettuce in place of bread means its perfect for anyone following a low-carb diet too.

spicy pork and lettuce cups

Open radish sandwich

Top toast with this herb nut butter and finely sliced radishes for a creamy and crunchy combination. Ring the changes with your choice of bread and try different vegetables according to the season.

herby nut butter

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