Epic sandwich ideas for every diet

Bacon, egg and avocado sandwich

Who doesn't enjoy tucking into a sarnie? A lunchbox classic for all members of the family, why not treat yourself to one of our mouth watering sandwich ideas next lunchtime. Whether you are going gluten free or are dairy intolerant, we've rounded up the best of the British staple for every diet. 

Wheat and gluten-free: Turkey and avocado on rye

Can’t eat wheat or gluten? Hankering after a proper sandwich? This winning combination of rye bread, sliced turkey, fresh avocado and pesto is sure to convince even the most reluctant of rye eaters (promise!). Turkey not your cup of tea? Try this beef sandwich with tasty, seasonal asparagus or a fresh spin on the breakfast classic of ham and eggs.

turkey and avo sandwich

Vegetarian: Smoky BBQ mushroom buns

Inspired by the wildly popular American pulled pork sandwich, this BBQ mushroom bun gets its meaty might from a large flat mushroom, marinated in a smoky barbecue-style sauce. Topped with a crunchy carrot and cabbage slaw, even committed carnivores won’t miss the meat in this summery sandwich.

bbq mushroom buns

Low carb: Spicy pork and lettuce cups

Eating low carb doesn’t have to mean endless steaks and salads: achieve the sensation of tucking into a sarnie by swapping bread for lettuce, wrapped around a satisfying filling. This recipe for spicy pork and lettuce cups is an excellent way of using up leftovers, or you could throw together these quick spicy chicken lettuce cups.

spicy pork and lettuce cups

Vegan: Open radish sandwich with herby nut butter

Meat and dairy substitutes, step aside. Bursting with spring flavour, the ‘nut butter’ in this sandwich takes centre stage. Packed with fresh herbs and creamy cashew nuts, the spread would go well with just about anything you fancy, but we’re keen to pair it with in-season crunchy radishes.

herby nut butter

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