5 kitchen cupboard staples that will clean your house

Bread, eggs and lemons on a board | Kitchen cupboard staples for cleaning | Tesco Living

Save money and try these everyday items from your kitchen that have almighty cleaning powers.

1. Bicarbonate of soda AKA baking soda

Refresh smelly plastic food storage containers by dropping a pinch of bicarb mixed with water inside and leaving overnight.

Refresh your mattress with a mixture of five tablespoons of baking soda and five drops of lavender oil. Sieve the mixture over the mattress, leave for an hour and then vacuum up.

For a quick and easy blocked drain solution, mix one part bicarb with one part white vinegar. Pour hot water down the drain then pour the mixture down. Leave for one minute then pour hot water again. See more ways to clean and refresh with bicarbonate of soda

2. Lemons

Refresh chopping boards by covering with rock salt and rubbing with half a lemon. It will help remove stains and smells.

Treat limescale build-up in kettles by adding a few slices of lemon, boiling once, allowing to cool then rinsing thoroughly.

For a natural way to cut through grease and grime, add equal parts of water and lemon juice to a spray bottle and spritz onto worktops, windows, sinks, toilets and mirrors before wiping with a sponge. Discover more ways to clean with lemons

3. Eggshells

Turn cloudy vases crystal clear by adding crushed eggshells and the juice of two lemons to the vase and leave for 48 hours until the eggshells dissolve. Simply swirl the mixture and then rinse.

4. Bread

Roll a crustless slice of bread into a ball and remove scuffs, smudges and fingerprints from painted surfaces. Bread is also great for picking up small pieces of shattered glass. Discover unexpected uses for stale bread

5. Tin foil

Use tin foil to scrub off grit and grime from pots, pans, wire racks and even the BBQ grill.

Brighten up silverware by placing a sheet of foil in a washing-up bowl, filling the bowl up with warm water and adding three tbps of bicarb of soda. Place the silverware in the bowl, leave for 10 minutes, rinse and then dry.

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