5 quick and easy vegetable crisps for healthier snacking

Beetroot and sweet potato crisps with dip

From beetroot and parsnip to kale and turnip – give your snacking a health boost with these easy-to-make veggie crisps.

Beautiful beetroot

You might like to try a mix of vegetables to give your snack time an added twist of flavour and colour. Pairing vegetables, such as bright sweet potato and rich red beetroot, can bring otherwise very plain-looking crisps to life. Try sprinkling with cracked sea salt or a pinch or two of cayenne pepper, like these beauties from our friends over at Tesco Real Food.

Apple crisps

Afternoon apple

Ok, these aren’t strictly vegetable crisps, but we couldn’t leave them off the list as they make a great afternoon-at-your-desk snack or an alternative to sweet treats for children. They’re perfect for using up wrinkly leftover apples, too. Simply slice into rounds, including the core, and dust with icing sugar before popping in the oven to crisp up. Get the recipe here.

Baked root vegetable crisps

Tempting turnips

The ugly duckling of the root vegetable family, turnips are often side-lined for other better-looking veggies, but they’re packed full of lovely flavour and make a pleasant change from swede (not that there’s anything wrong with swede, mind!). The tricky part with turnips is the peeling, but once you’ve overcome this tiny obstacle, they make the most fantastic crisps. Just slice thinly and follow the same instructions as these beetroot crisps.

Kale crisps

Crispy kale

Veg crisps are not only healthier than your average bag but you get to decide on what you put in them. This also makes them ideal for a party or if friends are coming over for drinks.

No time to go to the shops? Make use of that old carrot, parsnip or even kale by making them into thin slices (or bite-sized pieces for kale) and popping them in the oven while you get ready, tidy up and chill the wine. They’ll be ready just in time for your guests, and so will you. Try this recipe for kale and beetroot crisps.

Parsnip crisps

Peppery parsnips

With their light woody essence, parsnips provide bags of natural flavour and make a great base for other strong tastes, such as cumin, paprika and black pepper. These spiced parsnip crisps are easy to make, simply slice finely in rounds or strips, dry with kitchen paper, drizzle or spray with oil, toss with spices, then pop them on a baking tray and roast in the oven until the edges are golden-brown and crispy.