5 ways to make your cosmetics last longer

cosmetics lined up on white

Get the last of your lippie out of the tube and make your fragrance go further with these easy tricks that will save you some cash.

1. Use a cotton bud to extend your lipstick

The humble cotton bud is your hero here: use it to dig out the last of your lip colour and apply what’s left with ease. A lip brush, if you own one, will do too.

2. Add acetone to revive nail polish

Rescue claggy polishes with a drop of acetone to loosen them up again. This wonder ingredient is often found in nail polish remover, so check yours before you buy.

3. Perfume your body lotion

Make the most of those last few drops of perfume you can’t seem to spray by decanting it into fragrance-free body lotion. You’ve just made your own fragranced body lotion in your signature scent at a fraction of the cost.

4. Multiply your face wipes

Unless you’re using make-up wipes in place of cleanser (our friends at Beauty At Tesco advise against this), you’re unlikely to be using a whole one each time. If you’re tidying up some wayward mascara, cut a strip of face wipe and save the rest – you’ll double or even triple the number of wipes you get out of a pack.

5. All about that base

Rather than buying BB cream for everyday use and a thicker foundation for going out, invest in a full-strength base and customise it according to the kind of coverage you want. Mix it with your day cream for a tinted moisturiser or wear on its own for special occasions – saving money and precious make-up bag space.

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