6 time-saving Christmas wrapping ideas

Christmas presents under a tree | Time-saving wrapping tips | Tesco Living

Breeze through the gift-wrapping this Christmas with our tips and tricks.

1. Use cardboard inserts

Floppy clothing like cardigans, jumpers and t-shirts often lead to ripped wrapping paper and another wrapping session. Stop this problem easily by using a piece of card and some tissue paper when folding the garment – they’ll make the wrapped item stiffer and less prone to tearing. Watch this video for a short demo.

2. Quickly disguise shapes

Hide obvious gifts like DVDs, books and mugs using odd boxes from around the house, such as shoeboxes or used gift bags. If you’re giving a gift card or vouchers, put them inside an empty mason jar filled with sweets rather than a predictable envelope. There’ll be plenty of surprised faces.

3. Try this speedy wrapping technique

You only need a couple of bits of sticky tape with this wrapping style. Watch and discover how to wrap your gift in a flash and create a small pocket for you to slip in a Christmas card, gift tag or mini present.

4. Japanese-style gift-wrapping

Save time and money by using your gift as the gift-wrap. Japanese-style ‘furoshiki’ wrapping is all about using fabric (like tea towels and scarves) instead of the usual paper. It’s eco-friendly, super stylish and will save you a bob or two. Here’s how it’s done.

5. Make your own gift bag

Got an awkward-shaped gift? Save yourself a trip to the shops, or from doing a poor wrapping job, by making a DIY gift bag using thick wrapping paper.

Begin wrapping a gift as you usually would using an empty shoebox, but leave one side unfolded. Slip out the box and insert your gift, then fold over the opening and secure with tape.

Gift bags on a table | Time-saving wrapping ideas | Tesco Living

6. Store wrapping paper correctly

Prevent your wrapping paper from creases, marks and tears, with loo rolls. Just cut a toilet roll lengthways and slot over a roll of wrapping paper.

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