5 tips for watching the rugby on TV

Rugby ball on rugby pitch | Tips for watching rugby on TV | Tesco Living

Family-friendly ideas for watching the World Cup at home. Eat, drink, cheer, repeat.

1. Emergency beer chiller

If you need a cold beer in a hurry, sprinkle two teaspoons of salt into a bowl or bucket full of water and ice. The temperature of the water will drop rapidly when mixed together giving you a cold beer in just five minutes.

Beer, wine and soft drinks | How to chill drinks in 5 minutes | Tesco Living

2. Food flags

Put on a feast with food and drink from the participating nations. Find a whole host of easy recipe ideas to impress your guests on Tesco Real Food, with banana cake from Samoa to hot dogs from Uruguay. Download these free food flag labels to finish your spread.

Chicken wings with an American flag | Tips for watching the rugby | Tesco Living

3. Clever snack holders

Take-away cup holders make great individual snack trays. Fill a disposable cup with crisps and another with dip. Place in a double cup holder and you’ve got the perfect way to snack without moving a muscle.

4. Activities for kids

Little ones can get bored during long games. Get them involved with sports-themed word searches, crosswords and colouring pages. Print out our kids’ games and they’ll be entertained until the final whistle.

5. £5 surround sound

If you have a stereo, there's no need to fork out for an expensive sound system for your TV. RCA cables are fairly cheap and usually come with a stereo anyway. Just plug the red and white ends into the back of the TV, and the other end in the back of your stereo. Tune the stereo to ‘AUX’ mode and position your speakers.

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