Unisex beauty products to save money and space

man and woman in bathroom

Declutter the bathroom and pocket the savings with these grooming goodies perfect for couples.


Razors and shaving creams for men are often cheaper than those for women, and usually much more effective. Buy a multi-pack of razors to share and save money.

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Multi-use oil

A big tub of coconut oil or olive oil can be used for pretty much everything. Moisturising, removing make-up, and in place of your usual shaving foam for a closer shave. It will look after your blades, too.


Find a fresh neutral scent that you’re both happy with and stick to one can of deodorant for both of you. Again, men’s deodorant is usually cheaper but see what deals are around.

Aftershave balm

Skip the moisturiser and primer and share fragrance-free aftershave balm instead, to cut down on your morning routine. It softens the skin and keeps it shine-free as well as calming the skin post-shave.

Body lotion

A good quality moisturiser is an essential part of a daily grooming routine. Buy a big tub of fragrance-free, sensitive moisturiser and share it with everyone.

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Avoid a bottle pile-up in the shower and use just one large bottle of shampoo with a neutral scent for everyone. You can buy your own conditioner for specific hair types.

Body scrub

A scrub is great for prepping the skin before applying fake tan, as well as an effective pre-shave exfoliating skin treatment.

Try making your own strawberry sugar scrub – it’s more environmentally friendly than those with plastic beads (which should be avoided) and a great way to reduce food waste too.

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