How to keep your tent at the perfect temperature

Campsite at sunset

Clever camping hacks to keep cosy when the temperature drops and stay cool in the heat.

Build a sunshade

Prop up your own DIY sunshade using some spare tent poles, a tarpaulin and some eyelet clips, it also doubles as a rain shelter. If you camp a lot, invest in a cotton tent, as these stay cooler in the sun and warmer at night.

Insulate your sleeping bag

Wrap a car windscreen heat reflector around your sleeping bag. It weighs next to nothing and your body heat will be reflected back onto you as you sleep, keeping you extra toasty during cold nights.

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Get off the ground

Loads of heat gets lost through the floor of your tent. Stay warm at night by adding an extra thermal layer on the ground, ideally under an inflatable mattress. If you don’t have roll mats, you could try picnic blankets or a layer of large opened-out cardboard boxes that work just as well.

Use emergency blankets

Emergency blankets – a genius invention. Available from camping or outdoor pursuits shops, they’re designed to regulate body heat. Use them as an extra layer under your flysheet to maintain a more consistent temperature in your tent. And then feel very smug about it.

Pick a shady spot

Choose a spot that’s shady in the morning and sheltered from the elements at night. Camping away from the sun’s first morning rays lessens the risk of waking up in a makeshift oven.

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