How to grow vegetables and herbs indoors

You don't need a garden to grow herbs and veg, you can grow a lot indoors with these quick and easy tricks.

How to grow herbs in plastic bottles

Mark out a large hole in the middle of a plastic bottle with a pen and cut out. Add soil to the bottom of the plastic bottle, along with the herb seeds, and place upright in a sunny spot on the windowsill. Water regularly, and when the herbs come to life, they’ll follow the light and grow through the hole – perfect for snipping a bunch whenever you need.

Watch this video to find out how to make a cat planter for growing herbs for a fun gardening project with the kids.

How to make a vertical onion garden

Take a 2-litre plastic bottle and cut out various holes the size of a 2p piece. Add soil to the bottle, then plant your spring onion cuttings, positioning them to grow out of the holes. Place the bottle on a plate and water it through the top – and you’ll have a great supply of spring onions throughout the summer.

How to make a greenhouse for growing carrots

Cut a plastic bottle in half and cut three slits in the top half. Plant the carrot seeds in the bottom half with soil, and slot the top half over it (the slits will help to position it in place). This will create a mini greenhouse for the carrots to speed up the growing process.

Upside-down indoor gardening

Save windowsill space with indoor hanging plants. Cherry tomatoes and strawberries can be planted at the bottom of the plant pots so they grow downwards through the drainage holes. You can then use the top half of the pot by for planting things like salad leaves, radishes, cress and herbs.

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