Free Christmas budget planner and shopping list

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Keep track of your money over the festive season with our downloadable shopping checklist, gift budget planner and money tips.

Set a reasonable budget for everything

Be realistic about how much you can afford and set a grand total before dividing it into main sections such as food, drink, decorations and presents.

A great tip is to round-up costs to a whole number (e.g. a budget of £30 or £25 for Dad). It’s worth slightly over-budgeting on items, in case some things are more expensive.

Christmas gift budget planner

Download our gift budget planner and fill in the blanks with the names of people you’re buying gifts for, details of the present and estimated cost. Once you have bought a present, fill in the actual cost. The totals at the bottom will help you keep to your budget

Free Christmas shopping list

Make sure you've got everything you'll need this Christmas with a downloadable Christmas shopping checklist. Once you’ve sorted that item you can tick it off with satisfaction.

Extra tips for keeping costs down this Christmas

  • Get crafty and look around the house for anything that can be upcycled into something new.Take a look at these DIY Christmas decorations to get you started.
  • Hosting a big Christmas dinner? Divide the main meal between your guests – for example, if you pledge to make the turkey, have everyone else bring a side dish or a bottle of booze to reduce your costs. Check out these brilliant Christmas party hosting hacks for some more ideas.
  • Buy a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve for a super discounted price. Or if you can’t wait until then, early-to-mid December is a good time to pick up a tree. Short on space? See these alternative Christmas tree ideas for small spaces.

More money-saving tips