Funny DIY Christmas gifts to spark a laugh

Selection of homemade novelty gifts | Funny Christmas gifts | Tesco Living

Download our printable labels to create hilarious novelty gifts perfect for Secret Santa or as stocking fillers

1. To create these funny gifts you’ll need some small, clear cellophane bags.
2. Download, print and cut out the label you want from our selection below.
3. Fill your bag with the special gift we mention.
4. Staple the label over the bag.

Joke jigsaw puzzle ground nuts in wrapper | Funny Christmas gifts | Tesco Living

Advanced jigsaw puzzle

Fill a cellophane bag with ground nuts or crushed cereal to represent the millions of minuscule ‘jigsaw pieces’. Give to friends or family who love puzzles or who have too much spare time on their hands.

Download the jigsaw puzzle label

X box Letter X written on cardboard box | Funny Christmas gifts | Tesco Living

Cardboard XBox

Surprise your gaming friends with our version of the ‘Xbox’. We’re sure it will keep them entertained for hours *snigger *. All you need is a small cardboard box with the letter X drawn on the lid.

Download the Xbox label

Stress reliever bubble wrap | Funny Christmas gifts | Tesco Living

Stress reliever

Offer a friend or co-worker the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap for instant relief from stress or rage.

Download the stress reliever label

Gift not included batteries in wrapper | Funny Christmas gifts | Tesco Living

Gift not included

Give the gift of power this Christmas. Add two batteries to a small bag before attaching the label. To make it even funnier, make sure the batteries are dead.

Download the gift not included label

Beginners weights cotton buds | Funny Christmas gifts | Tesco Living

Beginner’s weights

Help a friend kick-start their health regime for the New Year with a pair of mini cotton bud ‘bench weights’. Ideal for those with no upper body strength.

Download the beginner’s weights label

Reindeer poop chocolate raisins | Funny Christmas gifts | Tesco Living

Reindeer poop

For a festive edible gift, fill a cellophane bag with chocolate chips or raisins. Perfect for kids on Santa’s naughty list.

Download the reindeer poop label

Manual hair dryder Balloon in wrapper | Funny Christmas gifts | Tesco Living

Manual hair dryer

Give this space-saving gift to a friend or family member who can’t go anywhere without a hairdryer. They just need to blow up the balloon and release onto damp hair – and repeat until dry.

Download the manual hairdryer label

Mens tie clip paperclip | Funny Christmas gifts | Tesco Living

Men’s tie clip

For the smarter gentleman who fancies himself as a bit of a David Beckham or David Gandy, give him our stylish tie clip (AKA a paper clip with a bit of string tied to it).

Download the tie clip label

Lost marbles in wrapper | Funny Christmas gifts | Tesco Living

Lost marbles

For the family member who is a little forgetful, give them a bag of marbles to replace the ones they lost.

Download the lost marbles label

Ultimate stirrer tea spoon in wrapper | Funny Christmas gifts | Tesco Living
Sweets in a jar labelled 'Chill Pills' | Funny Christmas presents | Tesco Living

Chill pills

Know someone who really needs to chill out from time-to-time? Give them a jar filled with chocolate and stick our chill pill label on the side. Although it’s just chocolate, keep this gift out of children’s reach. It’s for adults only.

Download the chills pills label

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