Clever gardening hacks for beginners

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Whether you’re green-fingered or not, these tips will make gardening a total breeze.

Keep your tools organised

A simple mixture of sand and mineral oil (such as baby oil) in a large flower pot protects small garden tools from rust.

Deter pests with household items

Scatter crushed eggshells or used coffee grounds around the base of your plants to keep pesky slugs and snails from nibbling your garden. It’ll also help to enrich the soil.

DIY seed dibber

Make your own seed dibber and glue some wine corks onto a ruler – perfect for window boxes.

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Metal ruler, 4 corks and glue on a lawn | DIY seed dibber | Tesco Living

Use plastic bottles as mini greenhouses

Recycle plastic bottles into mini greenhouses by simply cutting off the top and covering the seedling with the bottom half. It’ll help young plants grow in spring when the weather’s still a little chilly.

Use mirrors to create a bigger garden

Fix mirrors to walls or fences to easily make a small garden look larger. The trick is to place it where it reflects greenery. Try dotting smaller mirrors in amongst bedding plants or rockeries, too.

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Upturned plastic bottle in soil with plants | Clever gardening hacks for beginners | Tesco Living Mirror in a garden surrounded by plants | Clever gardening hacks for beginners | Tesco Living

Make your own weed killer

Fill a spray bottle with three parts white vinegar, one-part table salt and a teaspoon of washing-up liquid, then drench the weeds in the solution.

The weeds should start to deteriorate after a few days. To kick start the process, pour boiling water over them first.

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Stack pots to make a vertical garden

The perfect solution to a small garden or a balcony is to plant upwards. Simply stack pots on top of one another before planting lush greenery and flowers.

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DIY water irrigation system

This clever trick will keep your plants watered while you’re away on holiday. Poke small holes all the way around a plastic bottle and plant it deep into the soil so just the top of the bottle shows on the surface.

Before you jet off, simply pour water into the top of the bottle and it will disperse the water slowly over time.

Plastic bottle in a plant tub | Gardening hacks and tips | Tesco Living

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