School holiday activities to do at home

Children drawing in a teepee | School holiday activities for kids | Tesco Living

Banish the school holiday boredom with these low-cost games and activities for the kids.

DIY chalk paint

This easy-to-make chalk paint means the kids can take the painting outdoors on a sunny day.

Chalk paintings on a pavement | DIY chalk paint for outdoors | Tesco Living

How to make a marble maze

Grab an old shoebox lid and a handful of straws and transform them into a marble maze game for kids.

Marble rolling around shoebox maze | How to make a marble maze | Tesco Living

Mosaic art

Upcycle those old CDs lying around the house by cutting them up using a pair of scissors to create mosaic pieces, snipping off any sharp edges. Once you have a batch of small pieces, hand over to the kids to glue onto old pots for the garden. See more fun garden projects to do with the kids.

How to make a cat planter

Watch this video to see how to make a cute cat planter using an old plastic bottle. Inspired by Anna at

How to make a slip and slide

Lay thick bin liners on a grassy area in the garden and secure with tent pegs. Squirt some baby shampoo on the plastic and use the garden hose to add water to make it slippery before sliding across for a DIY water park in the garden.

How to make an indoor teepee den

Make a cosy den for the kids to play in during half term using a double sheet and other household items. Watch our short video to see how to make an indoor teepee den.

Green teepee in child's bedroom | Make an indoor teepee den for kids | Tesco Living

Make a cheap and easy indoor car track

For rainy days, create an indoor city road map using masking tape on the floor so kids can whizz their toy cars around.

How to make birdseed cakes

Make these hanging birdseed feeders using cookie cutters with the kids. They can make any shapes they like and they’ll love seeing the birds eating them in the garden once they’re hung up.

Hanging birdseed biscuits | How to make birdseed cakes | Tesco Living

How to make brooches with felt and fabric

Make these cute felt brooches in a range of shapes. You can make up your own designs or print out our free downloadable templates.

Collection of colourful felt badges | How to make felt and fabric badges | Tesco Living

Farm-to-fork printable game

Teach kids about where their food comes from with these farm to fork printable games.

Waste paper basketball

Scrunch up old newspaper into balls before aiming and throwing into a line-up of different sized bucket or plastic boxes. Label smaller or harder to reach containers with more points and see who can score the most. Get more ideas for indoor games on rainy days.

Spot the difference puzzle

Simply count up how many differences you can see on the campsite image. Download the printable and see more fun puzzles to complete.

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