12 easy handmade Christmas decoration ideas

Pine cones dressed as elves | Handmade Christmas decoration ideas | Tesco Living

Take the stress out of Christmas and wow your guests with our fun, festive homemade decoration ideas.

Origami star

Become an origami master and put your leftover festive wrapping paper to good use with these hanging star decorations. The perfect mess-free craft to enjoy in front of some cheesy Christmas telly, they look lovely strung up over the windows.

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Suspended origami star decorations | How to fold a Christmas origami star | Tesco Living

Pine cone elves

Little ones will love getting involved in making these adorable pine cone elves, complete with felt scarves and bendy pipe cleaner legs. Hang them on your Christmas tree so that they can guard all of your prezzies!

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Pine Cone Elf Characters on a tree | Christmas pine cone elves | Tesco Living

Photo table runner

If a picture speaks a thousand words, this creative table runner is sure to get people talking!

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Christmas table runner made from photos | DIY photo table runner | Tesco Living

Hula hoop chandelier light display

You might not be very skilled at using a hula hoop, but don't pass it on to your neighbour just yet. Why not twist some fairy lights round it to make a stunning light display that will wow your guests this Christmas?

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Illuminated lights around hula hoop | DIY chandelier hula hoop light display | Tesco Living

Beaded baubles

Give your Christmas tree a wonderful wintery feel with these frost-effect baubles. So easy to make, all you need are some balloons, PVA glue, string, beads and glitter.

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Baubles suspended on a small branch | How to make bead string baubles | Tesco Living

Cranberry centrepiece

Have yourself a very berry Christmas with these festive centrepieces. Arranged simply by layering salt, cranberries and seasonal leaves, you can spruce up your Christmas table in a matter of minutes.

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Salt, cranberries and leaves in glass jar | DIY Christmas table decoration | Tesco Living

Christmas card holder

Got so many Christmas cards that you don't know what to do with them? Pick your favourites and transform a wire clothes hanger into a wonderful mobile display, complete with baubles and decorations.

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Christmas cards hung on a wire frame | Christmas decoration ideas | Tesco Living

Ribbon tree decorations

Tree decorations don't get much more thrifty than this. Simply thread beads and leftover ribbon to resemble little arty Christmas trees.

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Christmas decoration on a tree | Christmas ribbon tree decoration | Tesco Living

Pom pom Christmas wreath

Welcome Christmas into your home with this pretty pom pom wreath, which uses just a wire clothes hanger, ribbon and some leftover yarn. Guests will love this stylish, fun take on a classic festive tradition.

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Pom pom wreath hanging up | Make a pom pom Christmas wreath | Tesco Living

Clay lanterns

These glittery clay lanterns, using battery-operated tea lights, are a gorgeous lighting feature to wow your guests with on Christmas day. Why not light them the night before Christmas, to help Santa find his way?

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Illuminated lanterns on a shelf | Christmas tree cone lanterns | Tesco Living

Rosemary wreath place cards

Christmas dinner would not be the same without the essential festive herbs. Try something different with your place cards this winter and impress your guests with these rustic mini-wreaths, made from fragrant rosemary, sage or fern.

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Rosemary wreath place name on plate | DIY rosemary wreath place card | Tesco Living

Wine glass centrepieces

Create a stunning, last-minute and low-cost Christmas centrepiece with this clever hack.

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Candles on upside down wine glasses | Christmas table wine glass centrepiece | Tesco Living

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