Easy handmade Christmas gift ideas

Snowman plant pot filling with treats | Snowman gift pot | Tesco Living

Treat your loved ones to homemade gifts this Christmas with these fun-to-make ideas.

Snowman gift pots

A great option for little ones, and fun to make – quickly transform terracotta pots into snowmen ready to fill with festive treats.

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Snowman faces painted onto flower pots | Christmas snowman gift pot | Tesco Living

Best ever hot chocolate

A guaranteed crowd pleaser – you can’t beat a good mug of hot chocolate. Layer up the ingredients in some empty jam jars or Mason jars for an easy gift that everyone will love.

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Marshmallow hot chocolate mix in jars | DIY hot chocolate gifts | Tesco Living

Homemade liqueur

If you’re looking to impress, make a batch of this delicious after-dinner limoncello liqueur and then decant into some festively decorated glass bottles. Feel free to keep any leftovers for yourself!

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Bottles of limoncello on table | How to make limoncello | Tesco Living

Pine cone elves

These cute Christmas elves made from pine cones are a great keepsake that can be hung on the tree year after year – and the kids will love helping you make them.

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Pine Cone Elf Characters on a tree | Christmas pine cone elves | Tesco Living

Biscuit tin gift boxes

Once you’ve inevitably scoffed all those biscuits, turn the empty tins into gorgeous gift boxes to house all of your lovingly made presents.

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Christmas presents in painted tins | DIY Christmas gift tins | Tesco Living

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