Ultimate holiday packing tips

Clothes folded into a bundle | Ultimate packing trick for extra space | Tesco Living

The worst part of your holiday, packing, is made easier with these time-saving and space saving tips.

Have limited luggage space? Watch the video below to see how to roll your holiday clothes into a neat space-saving bundle.

Essential family holiday checklist

Download our ultimate holiday checklist so you can tick off everything you need for your trip.

Must-know beach holiday hacks

If you’re going to the beach, pack a fitted sheet to keep your belongings sand-free, like we have below.

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beach setting with fitted sheet being propped up with bags

How to keep your valuables safe on the beach

Watch this video to discover how to hide your valuables on holiday.

Hotel room hacks to improve your stay

Did you know if you replace your key card in the card holder with a business card it will keep the air con on when you leave so when you return the room will be nice and cool.

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How to pack a suitcase like a pro

Discover the trick to saving space in your suitcase with this packing hacks video.

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