How to create a hotel-style bedroom

Blue and white bedroom scene | Create a hotel-style bedroom | Tesco Living

Turn a tired bedroom into a five-star retreat with these luxury looks for less

Try mirroring

The bed takes centre stage in the bedroom, so use it as a focal point and use symmetry to make the room look neat and tidy.

Place bedside tables each side of the bed and dress them with accessories that mirror one another. Lamps, books, trinket boxes, frames and a small plant or tumbler will work nicely.

If you don’t have matching items, use a variety that complement each other, but stick to the same heights and shapes.

Layer pillows and bed linen

It’s a game of threes: use three different sized pillows and cushions for an easy homage to hotel-style living. Start with the largest at the back leading to the smallest at the front. Play with textures and colours to add interest – you want it to look as comfortable as it feels.

Layer bed linen by starting with a plain flat sheet, tucking excess material under the mattress, then cover with a duvet, finishing with a sumptuously soft blanket or throw at the base of the bed.

Bed with throws and a range of pillows | Hotel style bedroom ideas | Tesco Living

Choose three key shades

Hotel bedrooms usually stick to three different shades of one colour throughout the room, using soft furnishings like cushions, throws and curtains to provide pops of colour.

Choose shades of blue and you’re in for a restful night’s sleep – research shows the colour is linked to calm, soothing feelings and can help people wake up feeling happy and refreshed

A large bed in a blue bedroom | Hotel style bedroom ideas | Tesco Living

How to make a room look bigger

Opt for a two-tone colour scheme – paint the bottom two thirds of your walls in a darker shade and the top third in a lighter shade – it’s a clever trick that hotels often use to make a cramped room appear larger.

Keep the room clutter-free and avoid strewing clothes over surfaces which can instantly make a room appear smaller.

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Bedroom lighting

Lighting can make a massive difference to the size and ambience of a room. The trick is to keep the style of lampshades and bases consistent.

Hotel bedrooms often stick to one big statement light plus a floor lamp or wall lamps – and other lights are kept at same height throughout the room.

If you’re stuck with ceiling lights, opt for a dimmer switch to give you more control, and make use of bedside table lamps for more relaxing lighting.

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