How to clean a BBQ on a budget

Clean BBQ ready for summer

Get your barbecue ready for summer with these nifty cleaning tips using everyday items from around the house.

How to clean a BBQ pan

Brush any clumps of rust and grit from the BBQ pan with a stiff brush to loosen them, before shaking them out over newspaper.

How to clean a BBQ grill

  • Scrunch up some tin foil and use it to scrub away any stubborn dirt.

  • Cut a potato in half and cover the cut end with washing-up liquid. Use this to clean away any other gunk before rinsing.

  • Fire up the BBQ. When it’s hot, cut a white onion in half and skewer it onto a BBQ fork before scrubbing the rack with it. The acidity will help cut through grease – and flavour your food with a lovely oniony taste.

Cleaning a BBQ grill with an onion Brushing vegetables with oil on BBQ

How to look after your BBQ

Refresh the look of your BBQ with a coat of BBQ paint for a quick solution.

To keep it rust free, pick up an inexpensive BBQ cover or cover it with a tarpaulin. Your BBQ won’t need as much cleaning next summer.

Quick clean-cooking tips

  • Brush food with oil before placing it on the grill.
  • Cook fish in foil pockets to keep the mess to a minimum.
  • Cook fish on top of sliced lemon to prevent sticking and add flavour.

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