How to create a water park in the garden

How to make a garden sprinkler from a plastic soda bottle | DIY water park for the garden | Tesco Living

From water sprinklers to super slides – have fun getting soaked outdoors with a DIY water park

Make sure children are supervised by an adult during the following activities.

Make a sprinkler from a plastic bottle

On a flat surface, carefully pierce a number of holes in an empty plastic two-litre bottle using a drawing pin.

Next, attach your hose to the top of the bottle and secure in place using duct tape. Hang from a tree, or lay on the grass for an instant shower.

How to make a slip and slide

  • Find a suitable grassy area in the garden and ensure there are no stones or sharp objects on the ground.
  • Secure plastic sheeting or thick bin liners to the area using tent pegs.
  • Squirt baby shampoo on the plastic.
  • Use your garden hose to make it super slippery then hurl yourself into the frothy mess.

Water balloon splat game

Make some water balloons and hang them from a rope using pegs secured between 2 trees. Blindfold all the players, give them a stick or bat, then see who can burst the most balloons in 30 seconds.

water balloons hanging from a washing line

Foaming pool party

Get creative with your inflatable paddling pool. Instead of water, fill with water balloons, some bubble bath or shampoo (use the baby stuff to avoid stinging eyes), or even shaving foam (messy but very entertaining). Fit in as many people as you can, et voila: you have yourself a pool party.

Play bullseye with water pistols

Draw a bullseye on a big piece of thick white card (or an old sheet) and attach it to a tree. Load the children’s water pistols up with water mixed with a different food colouring for each player and let them take turns at trying to hit the centre. Now spot whose colour got closest.

How to make a water blob

Take two thick pieces of clear plastic sheeting and seal them together around the edges using duct tape, leaving just enough room for your hose to fit inside.

Fill with water, seal the hole and you’ve got a giant slippery water mattress to play around on.

Tip: Add food colouring or glitter to the water to make it look even better.

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