How to curb your food cravings

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Can’t resist the pull of the biscuit tin? These top tips will help stop food cravings.

Surf your cravings

"Cravings are just like waves – they build up and then ebb away, rarely lasting for more than 10 minutes – so an effective way to deal with them is to 'surf' them," suggests clinical hypnotherapist Lisa Jackson, author of Adore Yourself Slim.

"Surfing involves saying to yourself, 'I don’t really need to eat right now.' The more often you successfully 'surf', the weaker the link between a trigger and craving will become."

Find a balance

"You can strengthen your resistance to sweet temptations when you help keep your blood sugar levels on an even keel by eating low GI (glycaemic index) food such as brown rice, lentils and pulses plus protein at each meal," suggest nutritionist Dr Sam Christie.

Nourish your adrenal glands

"Craving sugary or salty foods can be a symptom that your adrenal glands are overworked," reveals nutritionist Sarah Walford.

"The adrenal glands need to be well nourished to keep you on top form, so include B vitamins and vitamin C – found in wholegrains, fresh fruits and vegetables – in your diet. Magnesium, found in nuts, seeds and dark green leafy vegetables, will also support your adrenal glands."

Eat every three hours

"When you eat, your blood sugar level rises in response before falling back down to its regular level after about three hours," explains Shona Wilkinson, head nutritionist at The Nutri Centre.

"Once they have dropped back down, your body will send you off for a quick fix, like a bar of chocolate or a cup of tea and biscuit, because it needs to lift your blood sugar up again." So pre-empt your cravings by setting a reminder on your phone and snacking on something healthy around three hours after your meal.

Spice things up

"Supplements based on spices can be helpful in controlling your hankering for chocolate," says Shona. "Choose one with key blood-sugar-regulating properties, such as fenugreek seed extract, to help combat pesky food cravings."

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