Ingenious ways to entertain kids on car journeys

Father and child on a road trip | Summer bucket list | Tesco Living

These road trip hacks make travelling with kids a whole lot easier

Make a chalkboard activity tray

Paint a spare, clean baking tray with chalkboard paint. Once dry, give it to the kids, along with some coloured chalk and a small cloth, for the perfect little play set that will keep the mess all in one place. So long as you use a steel tray, fridge magnets will stick to it too.

Activity tray with magnet letters | Road trip hacks | Tesco Living

How to make a DVD case colouring kit

This compact, portable colouring kit is ideal for travelling and easy to make from an old DVD case.

Just remove the inner plastic DVD holder (you may need a scalpel for this), and stick a pack of colouring pens or pencils to the inside of the case with strong glue. Slot in sheets of paper on the other side, then add a customised label for the case’s sleeve.

DVD case filled with pens and paper | Road trip hacks | Tesco Living

Create a marble maze from a shoebox lid

For a car-friendly version, skip the step where you cut out the entry and exit points, so the marble is contained and doesn’t disappear down the side of the seat! See how to make a marble maze

Marble rolling around shoebox maze | How to make a marble maze | Tesco Living

Whip up an “I Spy” rice bottle

A great sensory game for younger children; fill an old two-litre plastic bottle with dry rice and colourful objects like toys, beads and buttons, then shake it up. You could even create a checklist of the treasures inside the bottle and get the kids to cross off each item when they find it.

Activity ring binder

Avoid the repetitive "Are we there yet?" question and give the children a folder bursting with fun activities like word searches, car bingo, colouring-in pages, small books and other surprise goodies. Get the kids to customise their folder before they leave so there are no squabbles about who gets what. Download car bingo printable and download colouring in beach scene

Ring binder filled with kids activities | Road trip hacks | Tesco Living

Make a bento box snack station

Keep hunger pangs at bay with a homemade snack station. Fill cupcake cases with different treats such as vegetable crisps, dried fruit and sweets and place inside a lunch box for a makeshift bento box.

Use a cereal container as a car bin

Keep the car tidy and free of all those empty bottles and wrappers. It’s the perfect size to slot in the car and they won’t spill if they topple over – just pop a plastic bag inside and it’s good to go.

Cereal dispenser lined with plastic bag | road trip car hacks | Tesco Living

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