10 clever tips for packing a travel bag

A set of travel hacks to take on your holiday | How to pack a travel bag | Packing tips

Pack smart and stress-free by following these must-know tips.

1. Tweak your toiletries

Keep them from spilling by un-screwing the top, covering the opening with cling film, then screwing the lid on again.

Avoid powders, eyeshadows and blushers from cracking and protect them with a cotton wool pad and use small containers, like vitamin tubes, to store small toiletries.

For a multi-purpose option, take coconut oil. You can use it as a cleanser, moisturiser, hand lotion, after-sun cream, lip balm, hair mask, shave oil and to soothe cuts, bites, rashes and stings.See more multi-purpose travel toiletries

2. The best bag for hand luggage

Skip the hard-shell carry-on case and choose a soft bag instead because it's lighter and easier to squeeze into the overhead lockers.

3. The bag for the essentials

A light cross-body bag is the best bag for your documents because it will fit into your other luggage and give you easy access.

4. How to pack light

Pack a sarong as it can also be used a blanket or a travel-pillow, and wear your heaviest and bulkiest clothes while you're travelling.

5. The secret to a holiday wardrobe

Plan outfits you can easily wear from day-to-night and colour co-ordinate clothes so that each piece goes with everything.

6. Roll clothes

Maximise space by rolling clothes instead of folding – see our video for our secret crease-free technique.

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7. The right footwear

Really, you only need two pairs of shoes on holiday, one comfy pair for travelling and sight-seeing and a dressy pair for evenings. Stuff small items inside the shoes in your luggage to save space.

8. Find phone chargers easily

Pack cables in a glasses case to keep them knot-free and store them at the top of your case for easy access.

Watch this video to see how to keep earphones tangle-free

9. Keep your clothes smelling fresh

Pack a tumble dryer sheet in your luggage to avoid that musty suitcase scent.

10. Make your journey home a breeze

Store your house keys, car keys and spare change together in a resealable plastic bag for a super stress-free return trip.

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