How to get the most from your razor

Fed up with buying blades? Make your razor last longer in four simple steps.

1. Prepare the skin properly

Make sure whatever parts you’re shaving are soft and smooth to prevent the blades from getting damaged and blunt. Our suggestion is to exfoliate the skin with a homemade sugar scrub, followed by using plenty of hot water and shaving foam, oil or even hair conditioner, to give a smooth shave.

2. Clean the blades after use

For a proper clean, the best thing to do is rinse both sides of the blades with hot water, then submerge and swill in diluted antiseptic disinfectant or rubbing alcohol to sterilise.

3. Keep the razor dry

Pat the razor on a clean towel or give it a quick blast with a hairdryer after use. Store it in the bathroom cabinet away from steam and condensation, which will cause it to rust.

4. Sharpen the blades regularly

All you need is an old pair of jeans. Simply run your razor forward (so you don’t scalp your jeans) about 10 times down the leg, and then 10 times up the leg. Trust us on this one; it really does work.

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