Easy DIY cinnamon candle display

Cinnamon sticks in a candle jar | DIY cinnamon candle display | Tesco Living

Fill your home with the smell of Christmas with this stylish homemade cinnamon candle, plus more homemade decoration ideas for the festive season.

Add some cosy, rustic charm and a gorgeously festive scent to any Christmas living room with a homemade cinnamon candle display. Watch our video and find out how to make one.

Wine glass Christmas table decoration

Try this clever hack using an inverted wine glass and leftover Christmas decorations to create an impressive centrepiece for the dinner table that can be made in minutes.

Candle centrepiece

No time for making your own table decorations? For a simple centrepiece, place assorted sizes of candles on a cake stand to instantly elevate your dinner table for a festive feast.

Gold and white Christmas table setting | How to make Christmas easier | Tesco Living

DIY Christmas clay lanterns

Wow your guests with these gorgeous glittery lanterns. They're surprisingly easy to make, and can be used year after year.

See how to make Christmas clay lanterns

Illuminated lanterns on a shelf | Christmas tree cone lanterns | Tesco Living

DIY candle transfers

Update plain pillar candles with a festive theme using this clever DIY transfer technique. Print out your own images to create the transfer, such as holly sprigs or 'NOEL' written in a fancy font.

See how to create your own DIY transfer candles

Collection of candles alight | Decorate candles with DIY transfers | Tesco Living

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