How to improve your daily commute

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Take the stress out of your daily commute with these essential travel tips.

Go contactless

If you're paying as you go, Apple Pay, contactless credit/debit cards and smart cards are twice as fast as paying the normal way, and cheaper too. They’re accepted on most of London’s public transport system, and other parts of the country are following suit.

Buy a season ticket

Buying a season ticket will knock off precious time queuing at ticket machines and save you heaps of cash. For the biggest savings get an annual season ticket.

If you can’t afford it upfront, check out Commuter Club, which lets you pay in monthly instalments, and check with your employer to see if they offer a season ticket loan.

Get on the right carriage

If you're commuting to London, you can save up to 10 minutes of time during peak journeys with an ingenious app called Tube Exits. It tells you which tube carriage to go to for a speedy exit from the station at the other end.

Multitask while you travel

Make the most of the time spent travelling and work your way through emails, listen to audio books and podcasts, or even use your commute to improve your fitness.

Car share

Save money on fuel and reduce your carbon footprint, helping the planet as well as your bank balance. Contact a colleague or try Liftshare, which some users have described as ‘equivalent to a £2,500 pay rise.’

Try alternative routes

Learn a few alternative routes and explore back-up plans so you don’t caught out by road works or a severely delayed train, fumbling around with apps and maps when you’re already late.

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