How to make a pinboard Christmas advent calendar

Pink Christmas advent pinboard with silver baubles | Pinboard Christmas advent calendar | Tesco Living

We challenged a crafts blogger to create a DIY corkboard advent calendar on a budget.

Laura Howard from Bugs & Fishes came up with a clever twist on our handmade Christmas advent calendar using a regular office pinboard. Here’s her easy step-by step guide using leftover paper and paint.

You will need:

  • A cork notice board (approx. 30 x 40cm)
  • Paint (craft paint or leftover tester pots from your DIY projects)
  • Paintbrushes and newspaper to protect your workspace
  • The template sheet – download here
  • Squared or plain white paper
  • A sharp pencil
  • A pair of scissors and a glue stick
  • Craft felt in three colours (or coloured paper)
  • Sewing or embroidery scissors
  • A ballpoint or felt-tip pen
  • Chocolate coins or other small treats
  • Silver or gold drawing pins
  • Small sparkly Christmas ornaments

Step 1:

Paint the cork section of the notice board using your chosen colour, protecting your workspace with newspaper. Leave the paint to dry then add a second coat.

Corkboard being painted white | Pinboard Christmas advent calendar | Tesco Living

Step 2:

When the paint is completely dry, cover the edges of the cork with masking tape or washi craft tape. Paint the frame of the board in a contrasting colour, applying a second coat if needed. When the paint has dried, carefully peel away the tape.

Corkboard frame painted pink | Pinboard Christmas advent calendar | Tesco Living

Step 3:

Using the mini envelope template, make 24 envelopes. Draw around the template with pencil onto squared or plain white paper. Cut out the shape and fold it using the dotted lines on the template as a guide.

Turn the envelope over and apply glue to the edge of flap A. Turn the envelope back over and fold flap A inwards, then fold flap B inwards and press it down so the two flaps are glued together. Apply glue to the edge of the bottom flap and fold it upwards, pressing it down to complete the envelope.

Squares of paper, glue and scissors | Pinboard Christmas advent calendar | Tesco Living

Step 4:

Use the number templates to cut out numbers 1-24 from felt or coloured paper. If you’re using paper, draw round the templates with a pencil then cut them out. If you’re using felt, turn the templates over and draw around them with a ballpoint or felt-tip pen.

Use embroidery or sewing scissors to cut along the inside of the ink lines then turn the number the right way round. Glue the numbers to the front of the mini envelopes, leaving room at the top of each envelope for a drawing pin.

Pink and green numbers on white envelopes | Pinboard Christmas advent calendar | Tesco Living

Step 5:

Place a chocolate coin (or other small treat) in each envelope. Then, one by one, pin the envelopes to the board to create a random arrangement. Finally, pin a selection of small ornaments to the board to fill in the gaps and add some sparkle.

numbered envelopes pinned on a corkboard | Pinboard Christmas advent calendar | Tesco Living

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