Food shopping hacks you need to know

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Read our savvy tips to make your supermarket sweep quicker, cheaper and easier, even if you're shopping with the kids.

Grab free fruit for kids

It’s not often you get something for nothing, but Tesco have started a ground-breaking scheme. To help keep their children occupied on a weekly shop, and to boost their five-a-day, Tesco are offering parents free fruit to give to their kids – with over 800 stores participating across the UK.

Make use of in-store technology

Keep track of your spending and avoid the queues with Scan As You Shop technology at Tesco. All you need is your Tesco Clubcard and a scanner then you can keep track of your spending, pack up and pay at the checkout.

Be an organised shopper

As you shop, group up your items into categories in the trolley, e.g. freezer, fridge, store cupboard, etc. When you get to the till, do the same so that when you pack and load everything into the car you are ready to put away the shopping quickly and easily when you get home.

Bring a laundry basket

Put a large laundry basket or box into the boot of the car, then unload and organise your shopping into categories – see point above – and, if the laundry basket isn’t too heavy, you can then take all your shopping into your home in one go.

Tesco 1-in-front promise

Why does it always feel like you're in the longest and slowest queue at the supermarket? The Tesco 1-in-front promise ensures that if there's ever more than one person in front of you in the queue for the tills, Tesco will always aim to open up another.


If you don’t have time to run around the supermarket, you can shop online and pick up your shopping at a time and location that suits you. For more information visit Tesco Grocery Click+Collect.

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