How to make money from your garden

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Earn cash from your outdoor space with these easy tips from money expert Jasmine Birtles.

1. Rent out your garden as allotments

Allotments are about £10-£30 a year to rent, so if you have a big garden, divvying up your turf into plots of three is an easy way to earn roughly £80 a year without any effort.

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2. Become a beekeeper

One basic hive produces about 40lbs of honey per year and most locally made nectar can be sold for anything between £3 and £10 a jar. If keeping bees is not your bag, take the shortcut and rent out the space to a budding beekeeper instead.

The British Beekeepers Association has all the info you need to get going and offers basic training – which is important to do before you spend money on any equipment.

3. Propagate seedlings

If you're green-fingered you could make around £600 a month between February and October by growing and selling plants.

Do a deal with your local garden centre to buy the cheap pots they usually throw away to save some cash. Approach businesses as regular buyers for your seedlings, as well as setting up shop at the local car boot sale or farmers’ market once in while.

4. Rent out your garden as a campsite

You can charge £15-20 per night, per tent or even more during peak seasons. Plenty of people are looking for a cheap place to pitch up, especially if you live near a landmark or in the countryside.

Don’t forget to get in touch with your local council to see if you need a special permit or to provide certain amenities before you open for bookings.

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