How to make the most of your gym membership

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Try these clever tips from fitness blogger Dannii to take your workout to the next level.

Did you fork out for a gym or health club membership earlier in the year? Make the most of it with these tips from blogger Dannii from Healthy Hungry Happy.

Cycling tips

Whenever you get on the cycling machines, try to cycle standing up. It will give you an added workout – a bit like spinning – and will really work your legs and core.

Skipping benefits

There’s always a lone skipping rope at the gym that never seems to be used, so give it a try because skipping is quick and really effective. To take it up a notch try squat jumps – it’s a tough workout, but you’ll feel the benefits.

Swimming as exercise

If the gym’s too busy, go for a swim instead. If you’re not a very strong swimmer, I recommend walking the width of the pool – the resistance from the water makes it really challenging and it’s a good workout for the legs.

I love swimming in my lunch break when it’s quieter – it gives an all-over body workout and really helps to tighten the core.

Get more from your run

Start small and aim to do two minutes of power walking, two minutes of light running then two minutes of sprinting – repeating for 10 minutes.

I find it difficult to motivate myself for a run but always feel great afterwards. Setting yourself a big challenge can really help to keep you motivated though – I’m aiming to run 1,000 km by the end of the year, and want to meet my target.

Tennis workouts

Tennis is a great calorie burn – it feels more of a game than a workout, which is probably why I love it.

If your gym has an indoor or outdoor tennis court, challenge your friend to a game and go for a jog around the court between each game to keep your heart rate going.

Going to the gym with a friend is a great way to motivate each other, engage in some friendly competition and of course have a catch-up.

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