How to make your food shop cheaper

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Tips and tricks to stop you overspending on your weekly grocery shopping trip.

Time your shop

Prevent time wasted in the supermarket by turning shopping into a timed task. It doesn’t have to be as frantic as Supermarket Sweep, but it could save you from considering unnecessary items and spending your entire Saturday morning browsing yoghurts.

Save on delivery costs

If you’re a fan of doing the weekly shop online, it might be worth subscribing to one of the Tesco Delivery Saver plans.

Pay an upfront or monthly fee and any grocery order you place over £40 will be delivered to your home, on any day that your plan is valid at no extra cost. If it hasn't worked out cheaper by the end of your plan you’ll get a grocery eCoupon for the difference, so you’ll save money either way.

Unsure or new to online shopping? Why not take advantage of the 1 month free trial, which you can cancel at any time.

Click here to find out more about Tesco Delivery Saver

Use a meal planner

Plan your meals in advance and avoid pricey impulse buys. Making the decisions when you’re at home instead of at the shop also means you’ll spend less time pushing a trolley around. Use the Tesco Real Food meal planner, to make things even easier.

Tesco Brand Guarantee

Don't spend more than you have to on your branded shop. Tesco is the only supermarket that will instantly refund the difference of your shop if it’s cheaper at Asda, Morrisons or Sainsbury’s (when you buy 10 products or more, with at least one branded item) helping give you a great value shop on every visit.

We even check our competitors’ promotions! This is valid instore and on your basket at For more information visit

Use your phone as a shopping list

Keep track of what you need to buy by using a smartphone app like Wunderlist. It’s free to download and lets you update your lists from anywhere, share them with family or housemates and assign tasks to other people – no more forgotten items or repeat purchases.

Join Tesco Clubcard

Loyalty cards are generally free and mean you’ll get loads of vouchers from the shops you buy things from regularly.

Sign up to Tesco Clubcard and each time you shop you'll be rewarded with points you can spend online, in-store or on fuel. Or exchange your points for entry tickets to national and local attractions for a day out.

Shop later in the day

Fresh food from supermarket counters often gets marked down towards the end of the day as it needs to be used. Think creatively about whether a discounted item could be used in a meal you’ve already planned and nab the tastiest bargains.

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