Smart ways to reduce food waste

Sprouting vegetable cuttings on plates | How to regrow veg | Tesco Living

From re-growing veg to making your own beauty products, find out how to reduce food waste with these creative ideas.

Re-grow vegetables from cuttings

Celery, spring onions, celeriac, carrots and leeks can all re-grow from cuttings, leaving you with an endless supply of lovely veg at no extra cost.

Marinade meat in leftover beer

Can’t finish your pint? Don’t pour it down the plughole – keep it to use as a marinating base for meat.

Mix in your own range of herbs and spices and leave in the fridge for an hour before cooking on the BBQ or in the oven.

Create a strawberry sugar scrub

If your strawberries are on the turn, don’t throw them out – try making your own fruity body scrub instead.

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Homemade strawberry and sugar body scrub | Summer DIY beauty hacks | Tesco Living

Make a stock with vegetable scraps

Every time you peel your veg, or chop off those odds and ends, pop them into a bag in the freezer and save them to make into a vegetable stock – perfect for making sauces, stews and risottos.

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Pickle your vegetables

You can pickle almost anything from onions to limes. Find out how to pickle cucumber - it's perfect for the ends that usually go in the bin, and really easy to do.

Jar of pickled cucumbers | How to reduce food waste | Tesco Living

Make a bug-repellant table centrepiece

Leftover herbs and citrus peel can be made into a gorgeously fragrant citronella lantern, helping you to ward off pesky bugs during alfresco summer evenings

Candle, water, herbs and citrus in a jar | Citronella lanterns | Tesco Living

Polish up leather with banana peel

Did you know banana peel is a perfect leather buffer? Rub the inner side of the peel over leather, then buff with a soft cloth to reveal shiny good-as-new shoes. This works with jackets and other leather goods too, but try a small area first.

Roast melon seeds

Easily transform melon seeds into a tasty snack or a crunchy salad topping by lightly roasting them on gas mark 3 for 30 minutes in olive oil and seasoning. Once cooled, crack open the shell and eat the seed inside.

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Roasted melon seeds on a baking tray | Fruit stone hacks | Tesco Living

Make fruit leather roll-ups

Overripe fruit can be made into a delicious snack – perfect for kids' school packed lunch boxes

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