Genius Mason jar upcycling ideas you’ll actually want to do

3 mason jars filled with different things | Mason jar upcycling ideas | Tesco Living

Step away from the recycling bin! Repurpose old glass jars, Mason jars and Kilner jars with these amazing ideas for the home and garden.

Make a light feature

Those twinkling fairy lights from Christmas can be used all year round.

Fairy lights flashing in Mason jar | Mason jar upcycling ideas | Tesco Living

Make gratitude jars

Left your friend or family member’s present to the last-minute? Fret no more. Clean out an old jam jar and pop in some nice notes. Hey presto, instant gift.

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Store lemons

Here’s the secret to keeping lemons fresher for longer. A tall Kilner jar and a magic ingredient…

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Lemons in a jar | Food storage hacks | Tesco Living

Store make-up

A quirky way to display your cosmetics, and easy-access for frantic morning rushes.

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Mason jar filled with makeup | Mason jar upcycling ideas | Tesco Living

Turn them into glitter glow jars

Desperate to dine alfresco? Head on out with a blanket and bask in the warm glow of these easy DIY sparkling night lights.

Mummify Mason jars

They make spook-tacular decorations for Halloween.

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Jars dressed as 'mummys' | 10 minute DIY Halloween decorations | Tesco Living

Hot chocolate in a jar

Easy peasy to make and a useful last-minute gift idea. Better chocoLATE than never.

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Hot chocolate mix in jars | Hot chocolate gifts in a jar | Tesco Living

Make a table decoration

A DIY centrepiece, starring your old jam jars – perfect for sprucing up the Christmas table.

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Salt, cranberries and leaves in glass jar | DIY Christmas table decoration | Tesco Living

Store dry food

Rice, couscous, lentils, spices – you name it, you store it.

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Mason jars filled with dried food in a cupboard | Kitchen storage hacks | Tesco Living

Store cupcake cases

Display on your kitchen worktop or shelf and show off your love of baking.

Cupcake cases in a Mason jar | Kitchen storage hacks | Tesco Living

Create a candle display

Pop a candle in for an autumnal table display or romantic night in.

Candle and autumn leaves in a Mason jar | Mason jar upcycling ideas | Tesco Living

Makeshift vase

Bring the outside in and fill a glass jar with fresh blooms – or make a statement and store cut flowers inside.

Mason jar filled with roses | Mason jar upcycling ideas | Tesco Living

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