How to upcycle your wardrobe for a wedding

wedding outfits on a washing line

Get ready for the wedding season and give your old clothes a new lease of life with these brilliant upcycling ideas.

Crop trousers and dresses

Cropped trousers are on-trend this season and you can easily fashion your own with iron-on fabric tape. Ensure each leg has been tucked up to the same length before sealing with an iron. You can also do this with dresses and skirts – last year’s maxi-dress can become a mini in no time.

Add embellishments

Take apart a statement necklace and stick the pieces to a shirt collar, top or dress using fabric glue to add some sparkle to your outfit. For an easy tutorial, watch this video on how to upcycle an old shirt using pearls and gems.

Upcycle shoes

Gents, try contrasting coloured laces, and ladies, for a touch of pizzazz, coat the heel of your shoe in fabric glue before dousing in glitter to create statement sparkly heels.

Change the buttons

Switching the jacket buttons on your suit will give it a quick update, and it takes little time and money to do. Try red buttons on a black jacket or silver metal buttons if you’re after a vintage feel.

Make your own pocket square

Cut out a large square from an old shirt to give you enough extra material to tack and sew for neatened edges. Or skip the sewing and simply fold the fabric in half and then twice more from the bottom to the top, to create a pocket square fold, then slide into the chest pocket.

Turn an Alice band into a fascinator

Cut the fabric twice the width of the Alice band, then place a strip of double-sided tape along the top and underneath side of the band. Lay the fabric so the band is in the centre and tuck any excess fabric to the under side to secure. Add a clip-in flower and lace netting to complete the headpiece.

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