How to wake up feeling rested and refreshed

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Looking to start your day the right way? Here are some hints for happy mornings.

We all know the feeling as your arm reaches for the snooze button for the third time and you can’t honestly believe that it is that time already. So here’s how to get a better night’s sleep, so you don’t wake up feeling tired and groggy, but ready for the day ahead and with a spring in your step.

Go to bed early

While you might not fall straight to sleep, your body will start to relax and your mind will start to rest. This also means that if you do nod off sooner then you can rise earlier too, giving you time for a proper breakfast.

Get smart with sleep apps

While we don’t recommend updating your status or checking out your news feed when your head hits the pillow, there are lots of apps that can help you get a better night’s sleep and make you feel more refreshed come morning. So get searching and find one that suits you.

Create a soothing sleep space

De-clutter your bedroom to avoid distractions and decorate the space with warm or pastel tones to make it relaxing and peaceful. Pull the duvet back during the day to give the mattress a good airing and then make your bed when you get in from work so that it’s cosy when bedtime comes.

Plan the following day

Make a to-do list in the evening so your mind doesn’t start racing when you lie down. Pick out and iron your clothes ready for work and make your packed lunch and pop it in the fridge. You’ll be able to relax knowing you have tomorrow already planned and you won’t have to rush in the morning.

Start a wind down routine

Get into the habit of winding down your day with some of your favourite things. Perhaps a long, luxurious bath, sitting on the sofa with a good book or curling up with a hot milky drink. Give yourself time for this each evening before you go to bed, it’ll help you nod off easier.

Banish the booze

We’re not being spoilsports when we say this, but cutting out the common culprits of bad sleep from your diet will make you feel better when the alarm goes off. Try to avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugary foods before bed and make sure you hydrate during the day. Start your mornings with a glass of water and try to drink at least eight 200ml glasses throughout the day. Not only will you feel refreshed, your skin will thank you too.

Airy room

If it’s not too cold outside, keep your bedroom window ajar throughout the night to encourage fresh air to circulate. The carbon dioxide and moisture that we breathe out builds up in our bedrooms when we’re asleep, so keeping the room ventilated will replenish the oxygen that helps our bodies regenerate.

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