Creative washi tape tricks you have to try

Colourful washi tape on vases with flowers | Creative washi tape ideas | Tesco Living

Add a splash of colour to your home with decorative tape you can easily remove.

Revamp vases

Customise drab bottles, vases and Mason jars in an instant with a few strips of colourful washi tape – perfect for a quick spring refresh.

Brighten up shelves

Don’t bother with a lick of permanent paint; use decorative tape instead. It’s easy to remove, and you can replace it with different shades and patterns depending on the season.

Coloured washi tape on a bookshelf | Creative washi tape ideas | Tesco Living

Homemade birthday cards

Need a last-minute birthday card? Strips of colourful tape look just like candles… Just draw a simple flame and write your message.

Birthday card decorated with washi tape | DIY birthday cards | Tesco Living

Decorate stools and chairs

Wrap washi tape around stool legs for a hint of colour, or make a full-on style statement like we have by decorating the whole stool.

Colourful washi tape on white stools | Creative washi tape ideas | Tesco Living

Upcycle pegs

Cover one side of a regular clothes peg with your choice of decorative tape and glue a magnetic strip to the other and you have a pretty, practical magnet for the fridge that's ideal for kitchen storage.

Magnetic wooden pegs holding memos on fridge | Kitchen storage hacks | Tesco Living

Transform furniture

Give plain cabinets and sideboards a pop of colour with a line or two of washi tape. If you want to be discreet, stick the tape to the inside edges of cupboard doors or drawers for a surprise splash of colour.

Colourful washi tape on a white cupboard | Creative washi tape ideas | Tesco Living

Frame your photographs

Create a collage of your favourite pictures using decorative washi tape to stick them to the wall. A landlord-friendly alternative to hanging up frames and ideal for jazzing up student bedrooms.

Desk with washi tape picture frames on wall | Student bedroom decorating tips | Tesco Living

Other washi tape tips & tricks

  • Upscale plain gift tags by covering one side with lines of decorative tape.
  • Make pretty bookmarks by covering a strip of card with washi tape.
  • Customise notebooks, folders and stationery for a pop of colour.
  • Wrap washi tape around the metal casing of a tea light candle to instantly update it.

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