How to water plants when you’re on holiday

Plastic bottle in a plant tub | Gardening hacks and tips | Tesco Living

Keep your potted plants alive while you’re away with these clever watering tricks.

Make a DIY irrigation system

Pierce several holes in a plastic bottle and bury it in the soil next to the plant, leaving the mouth of the bottle exposed.

Just before you jet off on hols, fill the bottle with water to the top. The water will gradually drip into the soil keeping your plants happy.

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Water plants with a wine bottle

Carefully pierce a few holes in a screw-top lid of an empty wine bottle using a screwdriver or nail. Fill the bottle with water and then screw the lid back on. Now bury it top-down in the soil – the water will drip through the holes slowly watering your plants.

Self-watering pot using string

Take a length of cotton string or cloth and push one end into the soil of your pot plant and the other end into a large bottle of water.

When the soil becomes dry water will be drawn through the string by the genius of capillary action, rehydrating the plant.

Use old newspapers to keep soil moist

If you’re headed on a weekend break, layering scrunched-up damp newspaper or damp mulch on the soil surface will help to hold in the moisture.

Make biodegradable water soakers

To help retain the moisture in the soil, tear up old egg boxes and mix them into the soil.

Place saucers under pots

Keep indoor and outdoor potted plants on a saucer so excess water is collected and reabsorbed. If it rains while you’re away, the saucer will also collect extra rainwater.

Move plants into the shade

For larger potted garden plants store them in the shadiest, most sheltered spot in your garden as this helps to stop plants drying out too quickly.

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