Impressive Valentine’s Day ideas on a budget

Pink hearts on a white plate | Valentine

Planning a romantic Valentine’s Day? Our budget-friendly ideas prove it’s the little things that count.

1. Framed love poem

Impress your Valentine with a romantic hand-written poem displayed inside a pretty frame. Find an old photo frame and temporarily remove the glazing and backing board, then layer the frame with paper mâché, red paint and glitter once it’s dry.

2. Heart-y breakfast in bed

Start the day as you mean to go on and surprise your partner with breakfast in bed, complete with heart-shaped toast.

3. Hidden message Valentine’s Day card

Save money by making a Valentine’s Day card containing a secret message that can only be revealed by the one you love.

Here's how to make a secret message Valentine's card

Valentine's cards with red hearts | Secret message Valentine's Day card | Tesco Living

4. Secret love note

Use your finger to write a love note on a steamed bathroom mirror the night before. The next morning it will appear when your other half steps out of their morning shower.

5. Cupid’s arrow Valentine’s Day card

Let Cupid’s arrow fly straight to your lover’s heart with this dotty card made with a surprising piece of stationery.

Find out how to make a Cupid's bow arrow card

Finished card on a breakfast tray | Valentine's Day Cupid's arrow card | Tesco Living

7. Last-minute Valentine’s Day decorations

Spruce up the dining table while dinner’s on the go by tying red ribbon around the cutlery, placing candles in the centre and using a potato stamp to decorate an old table runner with heart shapes.

8. Flirty dessert

Liven up your Valentine’s meal by serving a dessert that you can feed to each other. A salted caramel and chocolate fondue would be the perfect match.

9. Candlelit bath

A candlelit, romantic spa-style bathroom never fails to impress, but why not make it more personal with homemade fizzing bath bombs.

10. Valentine’s massage

End a lovely day with a relaxing massage, but don’t buy any fancy massage oil. Skin-loving olive oil from your kitchen will do the trick and won’t cost you extra.

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