Easy indoor garden ideas you can do at home

Clear vases filled with flowers | How to bring the outdoors in | Tesco Living

Bring a touch of the outdoors into your home with these easy and effective indoor garden ideas.

Let in natural light

Glass vases displayed in dark, shadowy corners of the home will reflect light, making your room feel brighter. Just add some blooms for a splash of colour.

DIY terrarium

Create your own magical miniature indoor garden, full of lush greenery, by transforming an old vase or Mason jar into a terrarium.

Fake an indoor living wall

Fill up a shelving unit with spider plants and succulents, alongside all the other bits and bobs, to give the illusion of a vertical garden.

White shelves with plants appearing | How to make a living wall | Tesco Living

Make a vertical pot stacker

If you’re short on space try making our pretty vertical pot stacking pot, that gives you lots of greenery in a small area.

Frame pressed flowers

Press plant or flower cuttings by sandwiching them inside two pieces baking paper and then leaving then inside a weighed-down book for 7-10 days.

Showcase your perfectly-pressed flowers in glass frames. Perfect for lazy gardeners, as there's no watering required!

Bring a window box inside

Plant seeds or small plants in a window sill box to add some colour to your view.

Tip: For a quick way to plant your window box, make a DIY seed dibber by attaching wine corks to a ruler, to create those perfectly spaced holes.

Metal ruler, 4 corks and glue on a lawn | DIY seed dibber | Tesco Living

Recycle plastic bottles into planters

Turn regular plastic bottles into mini planters for seedlings – they’re ideal for easy access to herbs whilst you're cooking.

Herbs in plastic bottles | Grow vegetables and herbs indoors | Tesco Living

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