Kids' Safari Club: Free nature hunt printables

Child looking through magnifying glass | Free nature hunt printables | Tesco Living

Get the kids to explore the great outdoors with these free printable nature hunt games

'Leaf hunt' images of various leaves | Nature hunt printables | Tesco Living

Leaf hunt

Ideal if you’re enjoying a walk in the woods, simply look out for various types of trees and match their leaves to the ones on the printable, adding any new ones you’ve spotted, too. Download the leaf hunt printable now.

Safari Club nature hunt printable | Things to do with kids | Tesco Living

Sound safari

Quieten down for an hour or so during your woodland walk, and listen to your surroundings. What can you hear? There’s sure to be birds chirping, animals rustling and bees buzzing. Check off the sounds you hear on this printable and add any others we might have missed off. Download the sound safari printable now.

Images of animals in nature | Nature hunt printables | Tesco Living

Nature bingo

What type of things do you see on your adventurous walk? Take along this printable and check off the different insects, plants and animals you see. Download the nature bingo printable now.

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