Last-minute Christmas Eve tasks sorted

A large teddy bear on a sofa with presents around it | Last-minute Christmas Eve tasks sorted | Tesco Living

Try these helpful tips if you’ve left gift-wrapping to the last minute or if the kids are too excited to sleep.

How to wrap presents when you’ve run out of paper

It’s Christmas Eve and you’ve just used the last scrap of wrapping paper, but there are more presents to wrap. Don’t panic! Pages taken from kids’ comics look really effective as wrapping paper. Newspaper (from broadsheets) can look surprisingly beautiful, too. Tie it up with a ribbon or coloured string, stick a sprig of holly (or snip a sprig from the Christmas tree) in the bow.

If you have children, have them draw pictures of Santa, reindeer and Christmas trees onto several sheets of plain white paper. These can look really cute as wrapping paper, tied on with ribbon. Granny will love it!

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Presents wrapped in newspaper | Christmas Eve tasks | Tesco Living Wrapped Christmas presents on a sofa | Christmas Eve tasks | Tesco Living

How to wrap awkward presents

The best ideas are often simple – wrap obvious or awkward-shaped presents in a box. A wrapped box always looks crisper and more enticing than squidgier packages.

But you don’t want your dad ripping open his present and thinking you’ve bought him a box of cereal, so make sure the wrapped box is easy to open. For example if it is a cereal box, wrap the top carefully (we used double-sided sticky tape, but you could also use glue) so it can be opened without ripping the paper.

Cereal box being wrapped in paper | How to wrap awkward presents | Tesco Living

Alternatively, turn a brown paper bag into an attractive gingerbread house and pop the presents into that. Use wrapping paper or old Christmas cards for windows and doors, and ribbon to fasten.

Making a paper bag gingerbread house | Christmas Eve tasks | Tesco Living

Bigger gifts, like a trampoline, bike or giant teddy bear, can be tricky to wrap. You want it to look like a present, but you don’t want to use up all that paper. Play with scale and make an enormous label out of card, using buttons to spell out a name. This way it looks like a present, but it doesn’t need to be wrapped.

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Make a Christmas Eve box for the kids

This is an easy way to create a surprise for your children on this exciting night before the big day. Then they can happily go to sleep and look forward to all of Santa’s other presents in the morning.

Christmas Eve boxes often contain a cuddly toy to sleep with; hot chocolate and marshmallows; a Christmas bedtime story (or watch this storytime video of The Night Before Christmas), a new pair of pyjamas, and slippers.

Put them all into a DIY gift box (a cardboard box covered in pretty paper, and lined with tissue paper is perfect), which you can keep for next year.

Box of Christmas toys and treats for kids | Christmas Eve tasks | Tesco Living

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