Handy hacks to help you move house

labelled cardboard boxes | Hacks to move home | Tesco Living

Our clever tips make light work of packing and unpacking, so you can save time and money moving into your new home.

Label boxes on the side

Don’t label them on the top. This way, even when they are stacked up high, you can see what’s in each one.

Wrap breakables in clothes

Don’t waste money on rolls of bubble wrap – tuck fragile items safely in your t-shirts and jumpers. You’ll be packing two items in one go and saving time in the process.

Stack china plates safely

A cheap and easy way to make sure your dinner plates don’t arrive at your new house in pieces is to stack Styrofoam plates between each one, keeping them safe during the move.

China plates stacked with plastic plates | Hacks to move home | Tesco Living

Quick TV hack

All those different wires in the back of your TV can be a nightmare to work out – and who has time to label each one before you unplug and pack up? Instead, take a photo of the back of your TV to show which wire goes into which socket, to refer to when you come to put them all back in.

Keep electrical wires separate

Stop all those phone chargers, computer wires and extension leads knotting together by using loo rolls. Stand as many rolls as you need in your box, put one wire in each and seal the box shut. You’ll feel safe in the knowledge you won’t have to spend hours untangling them later on.

Pack clothes in bin liners

Make packing and unpacking your wardrobe a breeze by sliding clothes straight into bin bags, while they’re still hanging up. When you get to your new house, just pop them all back in the wardrobe and tear the bin bags right off - simple! Did you know that clothes hangers can do so much more than hang clothes? See here for more surprising ways to use them.

Clothes in bin liners | Hacks to move home | Tesco Living

Keep liquids in their bottles

Avoid spillages by covering bottles in cling film. This way, you can throw them in a box and not worry about what mess you’ll find when you open it up.

Put cotton balls in your make-up compacts

How many times have you dropped a compact on the floor and watched the broken powder spill out when you open the lid? Prevent this disaster on moving day by placing a cotton wool ball inside each compact to act as a cushion.

Use sandwich bags for small parts

Keep screws, nuts and bolts in sandwich bags. Label the bag or tape it to the back of the item they relate to, making it easier when you come to reassemble everything later on.

Cut holes out of the side of boxes

Stop struggling with heavy boxes and cut rectangular holes into the sides to act as handles, making them easier to carry.

Pack a first night box

The chances are you won’t get to go through every box on your first night in a new home. Make sure you have one box packed with all the essentials you need for that evening. Everything else can wait until morning.

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