Essential tips for a fun family day out

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Have a stress-free family day out with these fail-safe day trip hacks.

Keep sandwiches fresh

To avoid a soggy sarnie make them the night before, wrap in cling film and then freeze. Leave out the salad – you can keep lettuce and other bits in a ziplock bag and add it to the sandwich when you’re ready to eat.

Keep your food fresh and cool with a homemade reusable ice pack made from a kitchen sponge. Once it defrosts you can use it to mop up spills and crumbs.

Make a bento box lunch

Use the inner tray from a packet of biscuits to line the container, or fill cupcake cases with little snacks to keep food separate.

Have an emergency travel kit

Put together a quick-fix kit filled with antibacterial gel and wipes, tissues, plasters, Paracetamol/Calpol sachets, sun cream and lip balm.

Survive the journey

Give the kids their own folders filled with fun activities such as car bingo, colouring-in scenes, and other printables. Slip in a clear plastic folder, colourful pens, books and other treats. It will keep them entertained on the way and avoid those "I'm bored" moments.

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Bring spare clothes

Always take a couple of spare plastic bags to keep soggy clothes in or protect valuables during a downpour, too.

Cut the entry cost

Visit for the latest money-saving deals. Search for deals, vouchers and coupons before you leave the house to save you some hard-earned cash on entry and admissions fees.

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Keep everyone together

Choose an obvious meeting point and write your mobile phone number on a lanyard or plastic wristband, in case they get lost.

Take a photo of your parking space

Or download WhatsApp to your smart phone and share your location with your fellow travellers. Also, attach some bright ribbons to your pushchair so you know which is yours when you come to collect it.

Beat the queues

If you’re heading to a zoo, theme park or large attraction, consider doing the circuit in reverse order, against the flow of people. You’ll probably find the queues are much shorter.

Make a long queue go quickly

Long queues are sometimes unavoidable, so take a Rubik’s cube or another small toy to keep the kids entertained when queuing or waiting. It will pass the time and help avoid tantrums.

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